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Dr. Curious- Iceland Adventure


Dr. Curious’ next big adventure had her navigating around Iceland aboard the Endeavour Ship by Cruise Pro Canada.  Her host family was Richard and Mary Hines.


The cruise started at Iceland’s Capital city of Reykjavik.  Iceland’s unique natural features include ice cap mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, geysers, and cooled lava flows.  About 11% of Iceland is covered in glacial ice.  The official language is Icelandic and the currency is Icelandic krona.  Around 85% of Iceland’s electricity and heating comes form hydroelectric power and geothermal water.  The three colors of Iceland’s flag represents the elements that makes up the island.  Red is the island’s volcanic fires.  White for the snow and ice and blue represents the ocean.


Hallgrimskirkja is a historical church found in Reykjavik and is an Evangelical-Lutheran church.  The architect, Guajon Samuelsson, design was to show the mountains and glaciers soaring up.


Female ducks pluck down from their breast to insulate their nest.  Farmers then harvest this down for filling pillows and quilts.  Many farmers have made shelters for the ducks which has caused the ducks to become tame allowing these farmers to harvest the down without the ducks leaving their nests.


In the summer, the mixture of cold and warm sea currents in Iceland’s shallow fjords creates a rich variety of krill and fish, creating a feeding ground for up to twenty-three species of whales.


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