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“Operation Expansion”

The Challenge:  Urgent

Curious Minds Discovery Zone has exceeded maximum capacity!  Our organization must expand immediately to continue to serve the growing minds of the community and surrounding areas!


The Solution:  Operation Expansion

Curious Minds Discovery Zone has established “Operation Expansion” as a guided mission that will enable CMDZ the ability to physically grow.  Our expanding efforts will focus not only on the needs and wants of our organization, but also those of the children and community we serve.


With much careful consideration and collaboration, CMDZ has established a capital campaign budget of $700,000 that will adequately meet our needs for our growing organization.  “Operation Expansion” will be phased in a series of three missions.  Each mission will be completed as the necessary funds are secured.


Mission 1:  Secure Building • Completed on February 7, 2019

A 6,400 square foot building located on South 21st Street has been selected as the future home of CMDZ.  This building features a wide-open floor plan, perfect for a variety of exhibits, learning stations, and ample room for indoor imaginative play!  The high ceilings will allow for grand scale exhibits that children can climb and explore.  This location also boasts a significant amount of green space ideal for outdoor exhibits, recreational play, and school bus parking


Mission 2:  Renovation

The open concept of the selected building provides a blank canvas for CMDZ to create an amazing space for our young kids. However, we must first update the building so that it is also comfortable, accessible, and most of all safe.  A few necessary updates include:  handicap and family friendly accessibility, constructing two party rooms, and adding a dual purpose “messy room/wash room” for our artistic minds!  Immediate attention to the outside will include perimeter fencing and groundwork for the parking area.


As a trusted friend, we ask for your alliance in completing this mission.  Your partnership will aid us in providing an even better environment for children and families to learn, play, and interact together.  Please consider being an active force in our operation , one which will have a lasting impact on the growing minds of area children for generations to come!


If you decide to accept the mission, or would like to learn more about our “Operation Expansion” contact Kayan at 620-820-4002.



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